We can take over all responsibilities of an IT department
    Guaranteed response and intervention time
    You will request our services only then when you will need


IT outsourcing means collaborating with an external company, which will be in charge will all related IT issues. Normally this type of activities are handled by a single employee in the case of a small company or by an IT department in the case of a medium to large company.

The advantages of outsourcing with us

You will end up all IT related issues – hardware and software and you will forget about performing repairs or configuration services. Also, you will benefit of free of charge consultancy and tech support.

  • You will request our services only then when you will need.
  • We can take over all responsibilities of an IT department
  • You will benefit of well experienced and trained team by paying less than a single full time employee
  • We assume all contractual obligations and we offer you a better control over the results you get.
  • You will considerably reduce the operational and structural costs generated by the IT employees for salaries, training’s, equipment etc. Also, you won’t have to handle HR related issues.
  • You benefit of customized IT outsourcing offers, based on your needs and demands.
  • Guaranteed response and intervention time
  • Consultancy of specialized hardware and software procurement’s.
  • Personalized services
  • Get a consolidated view of the IT infrastructure in your company

Outsourcing vs in house department

IT outsourcing is a very advantageous way in terms of quality over price compared to the creation and maintenance of an in house specialized department

Quality aspects

A single employee, no matter of his experience and expertise, won’t be able to cover or aspects of the IT domain, while a specialized company is formed of a certified and qualified team which can cover more information. There will always be someone in our team who will be able to provide the suitable solution to your problems in a short turnaround time.

Cost efficiency aspects

An entry level employee in the IT department will generate approximately 2000 RON/month gross, to which you will have to add up costs on logistics, team buildings and other bonuses. By outsourcing these services you will save money which can be invested in other areas of your business

For example,  a company needing 10 computers, 1 server, accessories and networking devices you will pay approximately 1000 RON/month – this is an amount three times lower than having a full time employee and which is VAT deductible.

IT outsourcing means development infrastructure

HR wise, it is rather difficult to organize a whole IT Department that can hold up to all market and technology requirements. If you hire too many people, we will have an over-sized IT team and realize that not all people will have 100% productivity. On the other hand, if you hire less people than needed, your employees won’t be able to handle all requirements. Therefore, IT outsourcing is able to offer you a scalable solution for managing the company’s IT processes. Our IT processes are structured as to allow permit you to constantly keep up with market and own business requirements.

By outsourcing IT services we will witness a severe cost reduction and you will have the guarantee that the quality will increase. You will benefit of services provided by a team with a vast experience, gained throughout resolving a high number of requests in a remarkable turnaround time.

By outsourcing the IT activities you will not have to worry about taxes, salaries because the money paid to our company will be less than half compared to your previous costs.


When it is recommended to outsource IT


A good reason for outsourcing the IT is when this activity has stopped being related to your core business profile. Therefore, by contracting us, you will eliminate the frequent problems that might come up with the PC network, IT equipment, software produces, etc. Also, you will have considerable less costs with your own IT department or you can even totally eliminate it.

We will take over all responsibilities of your IT department and this way allow you to handle business-related issues.

Another scenario in which it is recommended to which to an outsourced IT service is when you consider that you need a better know-how consultancy. As you already know, IT is an exponentially developing topic and it often constricts companies into having more and more experienced personnel.

IT Outsourcing – Our Offer

We offer professional IT outsourcing for Bucharest based companies which want to stop having visibility to eventual issues which might came up at infrastructure and IT area, so that they can focus on the business

By signing an outsourcing agreement with us, you will lower the IT related costs and gain full control and visibility over the system. We will be pleased by the high availability and quality of the services we offer. The experience, certifications and expertise of our personnel will ensure a high standard IT services.

By outsourcing the IT area, you will benefit of help-desk, IT maintenance, consultancy and repairs, web hosting and promoting. All these services are included in a unique offer, fully personalized and adapted to your needs.

The prices of IT outsourcing start from 30 EUR and can be customized accordingly to your needs.

How can you outsource your IT services


It is quite easy! Just get in touch with us by using one of the communication means existing on our site and you get in contact by one of our aiFIX consultants, who will be able to provide you with an offer based on your needs and demands.